Please, welcome me to the four eyed club!

24 Feb

The day has finally come. The day that I needed to get a pair of glasses!

About a year or two ago my Doctor confronted me with the devastating news that I did not have 20/20 vision and that I could stand to get a light prescription in order to not strain my eyes too much. I reacted to the news as if someone had told me that I had cancer and bolted out of there in total denial.

As lovely as it was living in denial, for the past couple of months I have been finding it rather difficult to read the board at school if I sat passed the third row. This difficulty has now forced me to come to terms with my condition and I booked an appointment with an eye doctor.

The easy part was getting the prescription…the hard part was shopping for the glasses! The sales people and the first store I shopped in were incredibly socially awkward making my glasses shopping experience a rather unenjoyably one. I dipped out of there and decided to head on over to another store. I knew that if I were going to wear glasses, I would need to do it in style. I decided I liked the look of raybans but I was still in search for the perfect pair.

I tried on pair after pair without any luck. Suddenly, I tried on a sleek, plastic framed pair and all of the sudden I was transformed in to a sexy librarian ..perfect! I bought those babies and am now awaiting to pick them up at 11AM tomorrow!

It was crazy when the doctor showed me the difference between looking at letters without a prescription and then with it. Everything was so much clearer and sharper!

Watch out back row of the class! I’m coming for you!


Autumn leaves swirling in the autumn breeze

8 Oct

One of the best feelings in the world is cuddling up in warm blankets on a cool fall day with an amazing book that you can’t put down. All the while, sipping on a cup of pumpkin chai tea as my mother prepares a thanksgiving turkey that is filling the house with a delicious aroma. It’s days like these, when you stop and appreciate the little things in life.

Fall is truly a lovely time of year. I love the refreshing cool breeze and the vibrant changing colours of the leaves.  I love the comfy, warm sweaters and the cuddly scarves. The tall leather boots and moccasins. All the cinnamon, apple and pumpkin smells. Ah, fall is definitely one of my favourite season.

It has it’s sad times too. Closing up the pool and stacking away the backyard chairs is a final goodbye to summer. It’s always a sure sign that the blistering cold and snow will soon be among us.

In all fairness, winter has it’s nice side too. I rather enjoy the continually changing seasons. Every season has its ups and its down but the constant change makes you take each season as it is and appreciate what each season has to offer. I couldn’t imagine living in a place that was always summer or always winter. The constant change keeps everything fresh and new.

I just wanted to share the warmth and comfort of this cozy autumn day and wish everyone a happy thankgiving.

Never forget to count your many blessings. Make sure to take the time to look around the table and be greatful for everyone sitting around it. With our constantly busy schedules we often forget thoughout all the hustle and bustle to take the time to give thanks for the wonderful people in our lives. Remember that the world is truly a beautiful place once you start focusing on all the ways you are truly blessed. Breathe in the refreshing autumn air and then breathe out all the negativity and be grateful just to be alive.

Chemistry of who you are

2 Oct

In my human anatomy class, I have been learning a lot about how the brain works and the chemicals involved in the thinking process. Isn’t it insane to imagine that every emotion, every feeling, every thought you have is just the result of brain chemistry?

The ability that you have to make the right amount  of dopamine is what separates you from someone that has schizophrenia.

Someone with Autism just has a lack of interneuron attachments in the brain.

Love. The amazing, all-consuming feeling, really just boils down to Dopamine and seratonin production.

A slight tweak of the brain, a simple change in brain chemistry, is capable of changing everything you feel and everything you are.

This class really get you thinking about how fragile life is.

Today my teacher told me a story about a young man he once knew who was brilliant and on his way to becoming a doctor. One day, this boy fell from a great height and suffered severe brain damage. He lost a lot of his ability to concentrate and memorize. With the idea that he would never be able to be a doctor, the boy suffered from depression and eventually took his own life.

This young man lost his ability to think to his full potential in an accident and it ruined his life. To think of all the people out there who throw away their brain on purpose through excessive drug and alcohol use is crazy! Excessive use of something as “harmless” as weed actually shrinks certain areas of the brain that are responsible for concentration, memory and ability to problem solve. Weed literally makes people dumb.

The brain is extremely fragile and you only get one. It is so important to take of it so that you never  lose everything that you are.

Well, that was embarrasing…..

30 Sep

Boy, do I have an embarrasing story for you!

I am a science student and am currently taking a Human Anatomy class. Once a week, our class meets in a lab where we perform weekly experiments to gain a further understanding of the course material. My lab class is quite small, give or take 15 people, and I tend to be the class clown, cracking jokes that people (besides myself) laugh at.

Last week, our lab experiment involved partnering up and testing our partner’s reflexes. One of the reflexes we tested was the knee jerk response expected upon hitting the patellar ligament with a tendon hammer. When my partner tested me, my leg did not kick up as it should. The teacher came over and tried and still I gave no response. I decided to make a loud  joke about how I  was brain dead because my body didn’t respond as it should. I’m sure it’s an you-had-to-be-there type thing, but everyone (including the teacher) burst out laughing.

A moment later, the teacher began telling the class the possible reasons for why someone may not experience the reflex. He began explaining how an injury could lead to possible nerve damage blah blah blah… and then he said that one cause could be ADVANCED SYPHILlIS! Needless to say, everyone burst out laughing since a reason that I don’t hace the reflex could be due to a contracted sexually transmitted disease.

WONDERFUL! My human anatomy class thinks I’m a harlot…

The Buzzkill Epidemic

30 Sep

I am usually that person who is down for anything. I’m never the one who would opt for a night in of face stuffing and movie watching. Unfortunately, lately I have been whistling a different tune!

As we speak, I should be downtown with my friends at a free outdoor sean paul concert. Instead, I find myself inhaling a whole bag of popcorn to myself and watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Last night I had to choose between three different set of plans. One was a clubbing birthday party downtown, the other was to go to a charity concert at a bar where my friends boyfriend was playing and the third potential plan was to go to one of the local bars where a group of my friend’s were hanging out. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Now you may be wondering what I decided to do last night. Well, I was feeling kind of lazy so I studied for my test on monday until 10:30 and then……WENT TO BED!

What is wrong with me? Is this what getting older is? Is being lame all a part of maturing?


Let’s hope i haven’t caught the buzzkill bug just yet! For the time being, I am going to blame my school midterms for my lack of fun having. Let’s hope these maturing symptoms don’t persist!

Future Smuture…

20 Sep

At the age of 20, I have been receiving a lot of pressure to choose my potential life path. I’ve never been much a planer and that is reflected in the fact that my life plans barely exceed next weekend.

All of my parents middle aged friends find pleasure in grilling me about which university program I will be applying to and what I will be when I’m older. the only thing that I’m sure of is that when I’m older, I want to be AWESOME. The rest of the minor details are still a work in progress.

Initially when being asked about my future, I usually tend to stick with the truth. I tell them that I havent quite narrowed it down yet. Some of the more easy going people reply with an encouraging, “well, you still have plenty of time to figure it out.” I really like these people. Unfortunately, some people are not satisfied with this response and give a much less encouraging response of, “WHAT! You haven’t figured it out by now? Better hurry up!” I don’t like these people so much. The pushy people then proceed to stare at me expectantly as if I will at any moment have a life altering revelation and realize what my future holds. Being the people pleasure that I am, I tend to through ’em a bone and say something like, “Well, I have been considering psychology.”

At a dinner recently, I encountered one of my mother’s friends that I hadn’t seen for a while. we were engaging in small talk when she said, “so, are you still planning to become a dermatologist?” She caught me offguard at first because I had momentarily forgotten about the few months where I told people I would becoma a doctor. I then told her that I have been leaning more towards psychology lately. She didn not like this response and said sternly, “well, last time me spoke you said you would be a dermatologist!” I quickly changed the subject to how lovely the centerpieces were. COME ON! Is my potential make believe future not good enough for her now?!

I’ve decided to find a super difficult and impressive sounding program name and to tell people that it is what I am going into in university. That way they’ll have absolutely nothing to say…mostly because they’ll have no idea what it is!

Ah well, at least when the middle aged peopel are asking me about university programs, they aren’t trying to talk about my dating life…The only thing most uncomfortable than being pressured to pick a lifepath on the spot is needing to come up with reason for why I don’t have a boyfriend.

Celebrity Crushes

19 Apr

Because I thought it would be a great excuse to look up pictures of extremely attractive guys, I took it upon myself to compile  a list of my five top celebrity crushes. So let’s begin…  

5. Gerard Butler

Gerard is mmm mmm good!

Once you get the whole image of this out of your head….

but then you remember…

and then once again, everything is right with the world.

4. Sean Faris

In my personal opinion, Sean has not starred in nearly enough movies. Since he was blessed with such a fortunate appearance, he should be kind enough to allow people to view it more often.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio

Ever since I saw the Titanic, Leo has had my heart. Titanic is my all time favourite movie. I happened to have actually gone to see it in theaters today in 3D so my love for Leo has been freshly renewed. Marry me.

2. Ryan Gosling

I have had a crush on Ryan Gosling ever since he was on the show with the boarding school on a boat. My love for him only further deepened upon watching the Notebook. Watching Crazy Stupid Love sent me over the edge and landed him a number two spot in my books. For Ryan, I even sat through the movie drive.

and NOW for my number one celebrity crush!

Drum roll please….

1. Zac efron

 Anytime. Anyplace.

I have always found Zac Efron to be extremely attractive and his hotness level  appears to only be increasing with age. About a month ago I saw the trailer for one of his upcoming flicks called the lucky ones. I found out that the movie is based on the book written by Nicholas Sparks and I ran out to buy it. I’ve long since finished it and the movie is coming out tomorrow and I can barely contain myself. In the movie, he plays an ex-marine. I may need to take a cold shower after this one.

In case your not conviced…

ohhh yes!

OOPS! nooooo idea how Vanessa Hudgens got all those scribbles on her…

One more? sure.


Well, that was fun!

Who are some of your celeb crushes?